I am originally from Kansas. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Master of Accountancy, I moved to the D.C. metro area to start my career. I have been here for 10+ years -- so that makes me a 30 something CPA. I currently work for a non-profit and really enjoy my job -- as well as what the area has to offer.

Other details...

I am interested in many things...I love to learn!

I very much enjoy knitting and I also like to cross-stitch. Also going to try quilting -- with help from my cousin, an avid quilter.

I enjoy reading: mysteries (esp. Alex Cross books by James Patterson), true crime (by Ann Rule, as I find the psychological and legal aspects intriguing), classics (especially Russian classics as of late) and biographies.

Did I mention I love to travel and explore new places? So many destinations, so little time. I enjoy learning about history, especially colonial America and European.

I practice yoga -- only once a week now, but hope to build up to a more regular practice.

And, I enjoy watching classic movies (one of my favorite channels is Turner Classic Movies).

And, I "heart" Red Sox baseball. Watching them on t.v. -- listening to them on the radio -- or, if I'm lucky, watching the action live!